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I have mentioned before that a trait of Ramsay’s that the fandom often overlooks is how cripplingly arrogant he is. Yes he is wickedly clever, he proves this in A Clash of Kings with his Reek charade, but it seems like he’s only capable of that level of intelligence when his life is at stake - and even then, his impulsive attitude was obvious, Theon was just too desperate to turn down his help.

ANYWAY, he has this horribly arrogant, sadistic, impulsive streak, and it is totally gonna be his downfall (and it sort of already has been), and I think one scene that really showed this was his wedding night with ‘Arya’. I’m not gonna get into how he acts towards Jeyne who is, like, 13, poor baby because I think how he treats Theon tells a lot more.

He knows Theon is armed. I mean, he asked Theon to cut off poor Jeyne’s clothes. Theon is standing there, holding a dagger, and Ramsay mocks him. He mocks him and makes him do things that he obviously doesn’t want to do. Because that is the sort of thing that amuses Ramsay. Knowing he has broken Theon to the point where, even when given a chance, he would never go against him. Theon is his.

I call this impulsive because I really doubt Ramsay planned this sort of thing in advance. I think it’s more like, lol omg you know what would be SO FUNNY! and then he just goes from there. And by doing impulsive sadistic things like that, he’s putting his life at risk. He lets Theon go around with a knife, knowing that Theon hates him (unless of course he has actually deluded himself into think Theon is his friend, but that’s a whole other ball game in that case) and he does this just to prove how much power he has. He can give his Reek as much freedom as any other man under him, and he knows that he won’t ever be betrayed by him.

Of course, this backfires horribly. He never expected Theon to work against him, and if it weren’t for Mance’s plan, it would probably have never happened. But it did. Because Ramsay was arrogant enough to allow his Reek to come and go as he pleased, he lost his bride, which was LITERALLY the only thing keeping half the men in Winterfell from turning on House Bolton and House Frey. Like, no, Ramsay SINGLE HANDEDLY fucked up this fake!Arya scheme by being such an incredible DUMBASS.

I mentioned before that if he was ACTUALLY AS CLEVER AS HE LIKES TO THINK HE IS he would have been kinder to Jeyne. At least while all he’s fucking TRAPPED IN WINTERFELL WITH A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WHO ARE LOYAL TO HER AND NOT HIM. That being said, there is no way those Lords were not at least sort of aware how Ramsay was treating her, so you guys are royal dicks.

BUT YEAH idk if that made much sense…


Ramsay’s arrogance and belief that he can control people and treat them however they want with little to no consequence is going to be, not just his downfall, but the downfall of his entire house, and Roose is watching him and internally facepalming so hard. 

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